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I have gone through a lot in my life. The type of things that most men and women would have lost their sanity over. I was born into the lineage of two alcoholic parents, grew up in dysfunctional households and environments, sexually molested at age ten, rejected by my biological father, betrayed by family and so-called friends. There are so many accounts I didn’t mention in this book. Things such as my character being assassinated in order to jeopardize my livelihood. Or, being repeatedly misjudged by those who claimed they loved God. My wife and I even contemplated aborting our daughter due to her being conceived out of wedlock to avoid being judged further. I even went to the extent of not disclosing our relationship in fear of it being tarnished by these same individuals. And the list goes on and on. Despite the countless setbacks I encountered, despite the statistics that said I should have been dead or in a prison cell, I was able to defy them all. Man said one thing but God said otherwise. Through it all, God protected me. My story is still being written. I now have a family of my own, a great career and a better support system. My wife “Iris” has been supportive since the beginning because she saw me for who I was. In spite of my past and shortcomings, she was able to see past the smoke. Her name is a perfect representation of who she is. Her love and support coupled with that of Bishop Kelly and his loving wife is what ultimately made the difference. I hope and pray that my story gives hope to the hopeless. Finally, I’d like to leave you with my favorite quote:
Life is a gift, that offers us the privilege, the opportunity and responsibility to give something back…by becoming more. -Anthony Robbins

"Bounce Back" New Memoir from Jay "4G" Gathers

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