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4G will be featured in first box office movie entitled "Just A Closer Walk!" Scheduled to be released Fall of 2019. 


Jimmy Orlando Gathers, Jr. (whose pseudonym is "Jay Gathers" also known as "4G") represents the Godhead, "God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, and his legal last name, "Gathers"). 4G believes that everyone has a purpose in life and for him impacting the world is that purpose.


For more than 20 years 4G has performed for churches, youth centers and musical showcases.    Recently, he's appeared on "Bobby Jones Presents" as well as opened for well-known gospel musical artists such as pastor Le’Andria Johnson in Charlotte, NC! 


As the receipient of winning the 2019  S & M  "Holy Hip-Hop Artist of the Year" award, 4G has also been nominated  for numerous others such as the V.O.G.M.A., Steeple Awards, and Soul Central Awards. In addition, 4 G has also been featured in interviews, from radio to magazine and television, with Club Hip Hop in Vegas, BDL4Life Magazine in Miami, and 90.1 Hope Jamz Radio in the United Kingdom.  


4G is motivated to leave a legacy for his wife, children, and extended family! "I’m a man of great faith and the God I serve does not lie. My faith in

God is what motivates me to remain humble and focused on God’s promises for my life". 

Check out the FULL 4G interview on "Making Headline News" by Andre T. Johnson click HERE!

At an early age, young 4G was in the rotation of the infamous foster care system in Apalachicola, FL until he was taken in by his lovely grandmother. While in the loving care of his family’s matriarch, 4G began his personal relationship with God and discovered a form of music that had a supernatural power enhancing his God-given assignment to reach the hearts of listeners through music. So spreading the word of God through his voice became his weapon of choice to battle the difficult childhood and family dysfunction he endured as a child. By embracing the sound of music, 4G discovered freedom from a world of pain, disappointment, and shame and embarked on a journey of heavenly love and forgiveness beginning with his parents. Passionate about the beauty of Christian Hip-Hop due to attending numerous inspirational church services with his grandmother as a child, it was in this permeable environment that he developed a positive message in his lyrics. 

13 year old Jay “4G” Gathers, then called “Fresh Jay", began developing his musical abilities by writing poetry, musical lyrics, and competing in various lunchroom rap battles at Apalachicola High School. It wasn’t until he relocated to Panama City, FL where he matured and became closer to God that he made his final name change to "4G", one that defines a very mature man, a role model and a positive musical artist who performs music solely for the glory of God. 

In a recent interview 4G proclaimed “Christianity is all I know. I inspire to motivate and change the lives of many through my music. I have been tested to be a living testimony. I grew up with two alcoholic parents, was placed in the foster care system, molested at the age [of] 10, and primarily raised by my maternal grandmother. Not having my natural father present and being repeatedly judged by people who really didn’t know me, was lonely and confusing. I didn’t have a good support system, which broke my spirit during this time in my life. But the love of music and God’s unconditional love brought me out!" 

Supporters have really expressed their love for his deeply rooted music, "Delayed but Not Denied!" and his upcoming 2nd studio album entitled "Unqualified" featuring songs like the title track "Unqualified”, "Amazing" (track produced by and featuring Stellar Award winning artist Canton Jones), and “We All Matter” are available on ​CD Baby, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, & Apple Music. ​He is also set to record a collaboration featuring​ ​Mr. Del (previously of Three Six Mafia), Born Divine (of the Wu Tang Family) and has expressed interest in working with artists such as Lecrae, Kirk Franklin, the Truth, Kendrick Lamar, and Big Krit to name a few. 


Some of his biggest influencers spiritually, musically and professionally are: Bishop James Kelly, Steve Harvey, Tyler Perry, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, Lecrae, Trip Lee and Canton Jones, of course.​ ​They are all role models to him for their strength during trial and triumph while never letting their past circumstances dictate their present attitude toward their future victories! 4G is motivated to leave a legacy for his wife, children, and extended family! "God has always spoken to me in dreams; he showed me that I would be using my musical gift [on] the same [stages] as Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, Donnie McClurkin, Lecrae, etc.”, says 4 G.  He goes on to say, "I’m a man of great faith and the God I serve does not lie. My faith in God is what motivates me to remain humble and focused on God’s promises for my life". ​

...This is only the beginning...

new 4g "amazing" video 

feat. canton Jones & terrence Raby

4 G "Unqualified" video


4 G album release interview 

source: www.mypanhandle.com

4 g interview on America's Got Anointing 

source: preachthewordnetworktv.com

Check out the highly requested "WE ALL MATTER"

New single "AMAZING" feat. Canton Jones & Terrence Raby 


Download 4 G's single "UNQUALIFIED" today!

4 G's debut album "DELAYED, BUT NOT DENIED" on all music platforms!

We All Matter4G x Born Divine x RealSupaCool
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Amazing4G x Canton Jones x Terrence Raby
00:00 / 00:53
Higher4G x Canton Jones x Mr. Del x RealSupaCool
00:00 / 00:53
Breakthrough4G x Canton Jones x Ree
00:00 / 00:53
Condemned To Hell4G
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